The More You Learn, The More You Earn.

I entirely believe that education can set you free. In the end, the more you learn, the more you earn. I am not talking about instituational education, which I feel has value and a place in this world as well, but I am talking about self learning.

The one thing these current generations have that our predececers did not, is information. We have fully embraced technology and I can only imagine what my parents had to do at my age when they wanted to learn how to do something. Go to the library? rent a book? buy a manual? phone the company? Think how terrible that sounds and a waste of time. Time and effieceincy is at the root of our tools we have in the modern day.

As the new generations have it, they can skip the text and run straight into a wonderful place called where you can learn almost anything. Isnt technology great?!

hree types of learning

In my opinion, there are three types of learning. These are self-learning, institutional learning, and experiential learning.

Self-learning would be picking up a book and reading it, youtube, or podcasts. Free education is out there! Affordable self-learning courses are all over the internet which includes U-Demy, youtube, Ed-X,, etc.

Institutional learning would be going to a classroom and being tested on a subject and getting a grade for it. This typically costs money and is the most time-consuming. This type of learning should be last on the list of self-learning. Albert Einstein says this about institutional learning, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”

Expeirence learning refers to the skills you pick up over time. You cant possibly go every day reading books on things you are not prepared for in your particualr time in life, such as children, bankruptcy, sickness, etc. The great thing about expeirence learning is that it can encompass the two above. Insitituanal learning takes patience and dedication.

“The only guarantee, ever, is that things will go wrong. The only thing we can use to mitigate this is anticipation. Because the only variable we control completely is ourselves.” — Ryan Holiday

Unlike, a self-learning course where you can stop anytime and watch Netflix, classwork has deadlines and grades.

The more you earn-

But Leader on Call, I don’t need the education to become rich. My friend, when I say, you will earn more the more you learn, I am not talking just about money.. What you’ll gain is perspective, insight, reflection, money, network, and authentication. The day we stop trying to learn, the more mistakes we start to make because you stop gaining insights from your failures.


Overall, I think its very important to adopt a philosophy of always trying to educate yourself. It is the number one thing that no one can take away from you. It is important to encourage your peers to learn with you. The more your network learns, the more you grow.

“Never discourage anyone…who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.” -Plato

When Life Takes You For a Ride, Ride Out.

Life has been strange for me, thus the reason, I have been MIA lately.

If you read my last couple of post, you learned that I quit my job to travel for a month.

When I came back, my hometown was hit by Hurricane Michael and the town was devasted. It put me in a weird rut by not knowing where to prioritize my thoughts and time. It was a strange time for me. I feared for my family and friends. After everything settled, I learned everyone was okay and the town is pushing forward.

Fast forward-

I have recently started a new venture ( you’ll learn about soon) and let’s say the permits and city have not been an easy task. This is something that has been in the works for several months now.

In the meantime, I have put in a ton of sweat equity in my home. I bought a new home a few months ago and we decided to fix it up. We hope to use this fix as an easy flip in the future.

While working in my yard digging holes, running fence, landscaping, etc. it is so quiet it gives me plenty of time to think about humility and gratitude.

I am so thankful to have my family and friends be alive and okay. Watching from across the country, I see my hometown get smashed to pieces. They are living a rough life right now but they are all standing tall.

I am grateful for my life and how my life has played out. I have faced many struggles in life and it always makes you think about the things you are grateful for.

To the residents of Panama City, Florida, Stand Strong.

But… Easy for me to sit here in the comfort of my home while others live in tents in the cold.

Through the hard times, prove the test worthy.

In the difficult times, what are the things you are grateful for?


Finding Your Side Hustle: How to Make Money Flipping Your Old Things.

Finding your side hustle can be super easy, you just need the internet. There are 1000 phone and computer applications out there that allow you to make money. The start is to find your side hustle. I have a few side hustles but the one I enjoy the most is flipping things on Now there are 100 apps out there like FaceBook, Mercari, CraigsList, Offer Up, Let Go, Ebay,  etc.

You just need one!

I know so many people out there that by things they don’t need, use them for a year and then throw them away or even give them away.

But you can make money from these things… even if they are used…

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Content Equals Audience: The Creator’s Equation

Content equals Audience: The Creator's Equation

First off, I am hoping everyone had a safe and great Labor Day. I want to write about something that has been on my mind for a few years now. Content equals audience. I coin this the creator’s equation. Every day as I scroll through Instagram, I start to notice trends of the pages that post regularly. Trends in trends. Trends- on how they post regularly and trends how they steadily pass other companies within the same industry. Their followers increase weekly as the other companies who do not post regularly stay stagnant.

I know about this issue because I have lived it. I started a dropshipping t-shirt company printing historical and military-inspired designs. By spending my nights designing and researching how to make designs on my Apple App Pixelmator. After a year, I gave up. I lost my drive to produce content. My sales dwindled and my morale with it.

Consistency in the Content

Consistency is the key to all. By producing content, it keeps your audience engaged and intrigued. It also helps broaden your market. Imagine this, you follow a company on Instagram. They have three designs of shoes. You like one of them at most. They steadily post pictures of the three designs of shoes and BOOM one day, you like the different look they posted with one the shoes you didn’t really care for. Now you consider buying a pair. The kicker gets better- more products come out and BOOM you have hooked again, possibly making you a second-time buyer.

Here is my version of the creator’s equation.

Content + Service/Product = Audience

By following the equation used by small start-ups, you and I can both shoot up in the ranks. I have seen this myself with this blog as I have made it a goal to post 1-2 times a week. Since starting this trend, I have seen my audience and the following increase. More on this topic later.

If you want to increase your audience, try using this equation. Post more content. When it comes to being an entrepreneur, it can be hard work. By creating more and more content, being vulnerable and authentic to your audience, it will help increase your audience. I am not saying you’ll convert every viewer, but a percentage is more than enough.


Read what I am reading:

What is Failure? Knowing this could change your life.

Failure, failure, failure.

Failure consumes everyone’s life. It finally feels like being part of the trophy-kid generation makes sense. Hear me out.

Most millennials are coined as being the generation that received trophies just for participating. I am not advocating reward for losing.

What I am advocating for is looking past the ideology of failure. I think back to childhood baseball and getting a trophy for showing up. Psychologically, it probably taught me to try things although I wasn’t the best on the team. Because of that, I knew there was a return on trying something I may have failed at otherwise. Is this generation unafraid to try things?

On the hand, this ideology can become toxic. I am not for that.

Failure can be anything.

I didn’t wake up in time, then I snoozed three times this morning.

I failed at this task.

I forgot to eat breakfast as I ran out the door. Another fail.

Failure happens almost every hour for someone and failure has such a bad name.

If you can reflect on these processes, you can start to analyze small microtasks that create a momentum for success. The learning process between analyzing micro-failures sets you up for success.

With that, you can start to break the process of failing and start winning.

My Focus:

When I tell people I am fascinated by failure it freaks them out.

I don’t think they understand it…

When I started to understand it, it created a pivotal moment in my life.

It’s because it took me several years to quit beating myself up for failing at small tasks. For me giving up too easily on risks created a momentous downfall.

I was able to reflect and see the valuable lessons it taught me.

The things I have failed at have taught me valuable lessons, like risk.

This risk is very important in development. Success typically never happens for those who don’t take risks.

Think Gordon Gecko from the Movie Wall Street – Risk equals return.

Companies and people throughout the years may have thought their business would fail. Some familiar faces are Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, etc. All of these people have been rediculed for their failures and were able to turn their companies into greatness. It was learning the failing process and changing the failing perspective that has helped them.

–To learn more about my personal failures and how it helped me become more successful, use the contact form below.

Taking risks and failing teaches us to learn, manage, and react to other failures almost making us more immune to small micro-failures in life.

Like children on the playground, trying new obstacles and failing. It is a critical part of development for children. How to analyze obstacles and how to defeat them after failing. Why, as we get older, do we try new things and give up after not succeeding the clear goal?

It makes you stronger. So stop beating yourself up for trying something new and not being good at it. Reflect and learn.

Change your perspective.

Here is the failing model:

1. Take risks

2. Succeed/Fail

3. Learn/Reflect

4. Try again and crush it

5. Keep the momentum

6. Succeed

By using this failing model, you can the process going to succeed. Success is not instant. It takes time and it takes failure. Sometimes we are lucky and success just happens.

If it doesn’t, follow the failing model.

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Read this book to help with exercises on changing your perspective on failure:

7 Tips on Being a Young Manager in 2018.

It is difficult to be a young manager. It comes with a lot of heat and stress. You pride yourself on making all of the right decisions that landed you in a position you may feel and an older worker may do better. Do not doubt yourself, you are there for a reason. I have created 7 Tips on being a young manager in 2018 that will help you guide your motivations and inspire you to keep pushing forward.

1. Lose your stigma’s on age biases. I experienced this working as a retail manager where most of my employees were older than me. So many times did I look for justification of being their manager, although I did not need it. This stigma sticks because of the age-old “respect your elders” ideology. I am not saying you show disrespect to your older counter-parts but simply forget the idea that you can not put them on tasks.

2. Don’t overload yourself. Sad to say, but some companies love hiring young go-getter’s because they know you will try everything you can do to prove yourself. While trying to show your worth and value in the workplace, companies may push excessive workloads on to you. Learn how to say no and only take on tasks that are beneficial for the mission. If you are young, most Millennials and Gen-X value a work/life balance. Don’t become overwhelmed with your work and burn out.

3. Adapt!!! When in graduate school, I became fascinated by multigenerational workplaces. I even wrote my capstone on it. I tied a leadership trait to these types of workplaces and found that adaptive leadership was the best route to handle different age groups in a workplace. Generations have different characteristics of how they think, learn, grow, etc. It is important for a young manager to recognize these traits and know your audience.

4. Open Communication- this is one of the most fundamental aspects of business and why a lot of partnerships fail. As humans, we like to think so much without expressing to our counterparts of what we feel is going on. When paths begin to split, anger builds up causing partners to become furious with each other before even speaking to each other about the issue. It sounds so immature but this is a real thing. Learn to identify your communication weaknesses and exploit them. As a young manager, have an open door policy where everyone feels comfortable to come in and speak with you.

5. Be open-minded. As a young manager, with employees of all different ages, understand that generational characteristics will not always align with what you think is right. Being open-minded to all workers opinions and thoughts will help your communication skills and ethics. Remember, life and business are all about learning new things. Sometimes you fail and learn how to not do something. Be open-minded to all of your worker’s thoughts and become more enlightened.

6. Teach.  You are a young manager for a reason. Teach your young and older employees the ways to success. Do not hold them back. Be a leader in the workplace for them. Don’t let them think of you as their manager. You know you have done well, when they introduce you to friends and family members as their, “fearless leader” over “my manager/boss.” When you are able to teach and impact your employees as a young manager, you will no doubt make your way to the top. The younger employees will look up to you and the older employees will praise your leadership.

7. Shape the Future. This one hits home to me. As a young manager, you can inspire some many people to work harder and more efficiently.  So many times, I was called a mentor by my staff who were sometimes twice my age. In the academic world, we call that being a reverse mentor. It has to be hard for someone who is older than you to work for you. You can be their inspiration to become whole again. Maybe they took the easier route in their career and didn’t push as hard as you. Learn from that and be open minded. On the other hand, your younger employees who may have a closer age connection than your older counterparts are going to look at you as a mentor. Shape the future for the better and make the world a better business-oriented world with real impact.


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Why Joining the Navy was the Best decision of my life.

The Navy gave me a complex. I kind of hated it while I was in.

But I respect the hell out of it, now that I am out.

If you have been following my post, you’ll know that I had a successful personal training business some years ago. In 2014, after graduating with my B.S., I decided to enlist. College enlistment is not the smartest idea but very well known in the program I joined.

I wanted something that was bigger than myself and man did I get it.

I picked up a SEAL contract and went in to become a Navy SEAL. It was the most exciting time for me to think I had a shot at becoming one the most elite in the military.

The comradery was a lot of fun at Bootcamp, although I felt Bootcamp was pointless. I didn’t want to learn about ships and Naval history. I wanted to shoot, dive, and blow things up.

Who doesn’t want to do that?

After graduating Bootcamp in the God Forsaken Great Lakes, IL. I headed off to BUDS prep school for 8 weeks which was still in Great Lakes. In retrospect, it feels like I was there a lifetime. I didn’t go many places during the weekends, so I feel like I never restored my morale. I was too poor as a little E-3. (Rank)

We swam, ran, lifted weights Monday through Friday.

By the way, this was the first time I saw snow. I am from Florida.

I passed the exit test and shortly I landed in Coronado, California in Feb 2015.

It was beautiful, I never visited the west coast. I was already traveling and seeing the different parts of the U.S. and I didn’t even have a rate yet. (a rate is your job title)

Now when I did make it through training, I would see the whole world and that was super exciting. To skip a lot of the boring Navy SEAL training portion that is easily found anywhere on google, something happened to me…


During my 4 mile timed runs on the beach, my legs began to fall asleep.

I had no idea what it was. How do I make it stop? is it in my head? Is this my mind telling me I am weak?

I pushed forward and crossed the finish line with numb legs. I didn’t make the timeline.

Now go get wet.

This happened twice until I was dropped from the program.

(intentionally leaving a lot of stuff out)

I started to hate the Navy.

What was I going to do now? My legs aren’t working like they used to. Now I have to go cook food on a ship or submarine. (my fate would be chosen by a designator or job picker.)

This was so scary to me. I gave up so much to be here and now my body doesn’t work, what will happen to me?

The unknown was so scary and I fell into depression.

It was the same stuff over and over every day. Sweep the parking lot, take out the trash, etc.

It was a huge morale killer.

But here is what I learned…

It put me at the bottom. I was sweeping parking lots for pennies. I was walking on eggshells around the base because no one likes a sailor that is injured.

(Skipping a lot of medical appointments)


Now what? I wasn’t going back to Florida. No way.

So I stayed out in CA. But I didn’t have a job. I applied to 300+ and had 4 interviews. One guy told me I was too motivated, which is still strange to me.

I stuck a job after living in girlfriends parents garage for a couple of months.

I got back on my feet and life was grand. Like isn’t easy in CA for a young man but I was hungry to succeed.

The moral of the story is that life is full of ups and downs and so is the military. On the other hand, I wouldn’t take it back. I learned so much about myself in the Navy. Like how to handle stress, manage fixed income, eat terrible food on a fixed schedule.

It made me stronger and you’ll learn so much about yourself while pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

I didn’t have an easy time in the military and still get uneasy when people ask me what I did and how long I served.

Take chances, do things that are bigger than yourself, learn from them. There are plenty of people who will read this wanting to get the inside scoop. I am not that guy.

I am failing for success.

Why mentorship is this best thing for your business and youre not doing it.

We hear it all of the time. “It is better to give than to receive.” Well, mentorship doesn’t work this way. Mentorship is a transactive motion.

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” — Winston Churchill


Mentoring benefits go both ways because it benefits the mentee and the mentor. There is a such a humanistic gratification that comes back to those who give. I’ve had an opportunity to be a mentor for someone and years later, I couldn’t be more proud. To know how much you affected their life is so powerful. Not only do I think that mentoring makes you become a better leader, I think it makes you become a better person.

As you get older, and your workers become younger, think to yourself, “how are you shaping the future?” Are you giving your generation a bad name by being the old guy who doesn’t see eye to eye with the younger crowd? Or do you try to give value to the young? Not caring is effortless, but I guarantee you giving back will grow you as a person and help someone along the way.

Learning yourself through others will unload the dividends in your business when it comes to investing in your people. You will become eye to eye with them. You will take a different perspective on your people and that is powerful.


you need this word of advice- It doesn’t matter how successful you are, you will always need your own mentor in life.

That is the transactive motion of mentorship.

A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you. – Bob Proctor

What Does It Mean to Fail for Success? A lesson from Michael Jordan Plus More.

Failure– Such a negative and dark meaning to most. On the other paradoxical hand, Failure is the balance of success. Now think about that for a minute…

Now name 5 people you define as very successful.

Do you know their past? Were they trust-fund kids? or did they come from nothing? Most likely 80% of your choices will have come from nothing. Now, how does that have anything to do with failure? Well, great question. Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Gary Vaynerchuk, and others (some of the most innovative people I can think of) come from nothing.

These are the type of people who aren’t scared to fail and take the risk. Think Wallstreet-Risk equals higher rewards. Out of Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, and Dan Bilzerian, who do you look up to most? Depending on your age and ambitions, you may look up to each one of these people at some point in your life but I am sure you boot one of these guys as a role model. Because two of these are innovators while one is not.

Moral of the story, is that successful people fail A LOT. Personally, I keep failing. AND that is OKAY.

This is where I am seeing the most growth. Because I learn so much from it. Think Michael Jordan or even Thomas Edison.

To me, Michael Jordan is one of the biggest celebrity advocates on the Failing for Success mindset. Just read a couple of his quotes.


  • I can accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying.
  • Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.
Even Thomas Edison, we can all thank him for the lightbulb.

In regards to Failing for Success, he said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

The failing for Success mindset isn’t about intentionally failing at something because you think you will succeed certainly afterward. What it is about, is embracing failure as a catalyst for growth and lessons.
If we don’t teach ourselves that move past failures and flip it on its back to understand the hidden message behind failure then you haven’t learned anything.
LEARN, LEARN, LEARN from your mistakes because you are your biggest coach.