5 Ways To Stretch Your Money To Start a Business in 2019

These days everyone is talking about being an entrepreneur or business owner…It plagues the social media world. I’m not saying it’s bad because sometimes you gotta fake it to you make it. Another point, entrepreneurship can be on any scale out there. You have a service or product that is sold for profit, BOOM, entrepreneur.

There are lots of reasons people want to become entrepreneur’s, either its financial freedom or you hate your boss, starting your own business can be difficult, especially if you don’t plan for it. Here are 5 ways to stretch your money to start a business in 2019.

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Finding Your Side Hustle: How to Make Money Flipping Your Old Things.

Finding your side hustle can be super easy, you just need the internet. There are 1000 phone and computer applications out there that allow you to make money. The start is to find your side hustle. I have a few side hustles but the one I enjoy the most is flipping things on offerup.com. Now there are 100 apps out there like FaceBook, Mercari, CraigsList, Offer Up, Let Go, Ebay,  etc.

You just need one!

I know so many people out there that by things they don’t need, use them for a year and then throw them away or even give them away.

But you can make money from these things… even if they are used…

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When is it time to let go and quit your job?


There are so many things out there that scare the hell out of me. One is being poor again or even homeless. That would scare anyone. Job security is a real thing. But is it holding you back to embrace what you really want to do? Is it time to quit your job to pursue what you want?

I have the mindset to always progress my future. It is my millennial mindset. You can hate me for it but oh well. It has served me well over the years and has allowed me to progress through the ranks in jobs, unlike my older counterparts.

With anything I do, I have learned once I have acquired the skills in a job, I need to take them and move on to the next thing. Always making an ascending position application.

Job retention is not always in my favor. Job retention may be great for benefits like 401k and healthcare, but will it hold me back from actually progressing?

Moving on and growing is what is important to me.

I have always considered myself an entrepreneur although I have failed at most of them. I don’t care because I am in the process of my life. I learn so much from them. I always end up going back to working for “the man” but eventually I will learn enough to have one of my ventures stick. My passive income will become my primary income.

By failing I mean, did not make an actual sustainable living out of them.

Failure means something different to everyone. How do you define failure in your life?

For me, failure is a learning lesson.

Everyone goes through these lessons. Change your perspective to learn from failure is important.

So when someone stays for a job for 10 years and never promotes, I would call it a failure. It is their life choice just not mine. 20 Years from now, I don’t want to look back and have regret for never trying something new. Or just absolutely feeling stuck in a position.

A learning lesson of a failure.


After you decided to leave and try something else, you’ll now know to push harder in your promotions, be more verbal and more vigilant in getting what you want. This is very important. If your boss or partner doesn’t know what you want out of a job, how will they ever know?

When you get a new job, you should already have your next position decided. Where do you go to next? To the top is the answer.-Just make it realistic. From Busboy to CEO is not realistic. It can happen but you’ll need a larger timeline.

So.. to answer the question of when you should quit your job, the answer is when you stop learning from where you currently are.

You should never feel stuck or that you will never promote.

Always learn.

learn from your failures.

Without failure, success will never blossom.



Why Fitness Changed my Life and Made Me a Better Business Person.

I was never healthy in high school nor did I care about fitness. I had a gym class, but nothing worth boasting about. I think I slept through most of it. I was attending a community college and working in retail with no plan for my life.

Like most of us. Living without a plan.

After, putting in long hours at this retail store and burning my brain cells with college papers, I met someone unexpectedly. No, not my love life, but a new love for my life.

Enter same-age mentor. Yes, you can have a mentor regardless of their age.

A co-worker/best friend at this retail store received news of moving out of his parent’s house because this person needed a roommate. Shortly after, they moved in together and I would always go to their house.

This guy went to the same high school as me, but we didn’t talk much. I knew he was into fitness. He was from a different clique than me so we didn’t hang out. (sounds so high school cliche now)

After being around this guy here and there, I asked him for help with my fitness needs. I was envious of him.

He agreed to let me train with him. He snuck me into this gym, so I didn’t have to pay for a few months, and the changes I began to notice were incredible. Within 6 months, I went from 130 pounds to 165 pounds. Some may say that weight gain is incredible, and I agree! I was accused of using steroids by friends. I was proud to hear that.

But what the biggest changes were my psychological changes. I didn’t even notice it until I reflected some few years back.

Looking back, I noticed how the micromanagement of my life started to take shape. But how does fitness change your micromanagement? The answer is simple. PLANNING.

I began to make goals of my own weight, PR’s, reps, etc. Better yet, I started tracking it.

Looking at the new wins week-by-week, my confidence started to grow. I started to strive for more at school by increasing my course load. Here is my best win in all of this- I quit my job in retail that was draining me of my positive energy.

With this booming confidence, I went to the owner of the fitness center and told her I was going to work there. She told me no! over and over again. But I didn’t give up and went there every day for 3 weeks until she told me yes.

Enter large milestone- Persistence to get the things I wanted. This is huge in business.

I became so excited about my changes for myself that I wanted to help others do it as well. I was working the front desk part-time and couldn’t afford a personal training certification, so I asked my parents for a small loan. Reluctantly agreeing, I pushed through it and became a certified trainer. Business terms-loan, deadline, project management.

Here I am with the cliche personal trainer look about 6 months into my new career. This was my new marketing material and I put it everywhere.


My first client was an inspiring woman named Rosalind. I read about what good personal training rates were, but I couldn’t sell it to her. I was too fresh and too green. I  negotiated the prices with her and thus learned something about negotiation and knowing your own value. I could always undercut all of the other trainers in the facility and bring in more business but I settled for roughly 10-20% below the industry standard because of my lack of experience.

Long story short, I prevailed. I failed and I learned.

I became better, year by year, and stayed there as a trainer for almost 5 years. I learned so much about myself as I began to grow my skills in business and personally.

My clientele list became bigger and bigger as my name grew and they stayed with me longer.  Rosalind left and came back several times and I was always happy to see her although we were restarting every time.

To me- resetting goals can be important too.

Taxes started to change for me. I remember one month, I have taxed a few thousand dollars and thought something was wrong. I was now at the point where I reached a new tax bracket and it hurt.

Marketing yourself and branding yourself. This was an important business lesson. I don’t know where I learned it, but I went full force.


I was young and hungry to grow my presence in the local fitness industry. I spent a lot of money on marketing myself. I wrote a blog, made t-shirts, shaker bottles, wristbands, etc. The mistakes I made, were not measuring the return on investment (ROI). So, therefore, I was probably in a huge hole when it came to my expenses and revenue/balance sheet.

What I did right was free marketing.

Here I am training a group of Army Reservists for a weekend of training. I did this for free.


Having these pictures and exposure to this was important for building my brand and credibility. The entire fitness center saw me training these guys for 8 hours a day. This was a huge public relations move for me. I didn’t even know what doors it would unlock for me and I thought it was just being a good citizen.

The summary- I was young and soaking up everything I could about the industry. I worked full time and went to college full time. I was able to pay for my entire college tuition by working for myself at the same time. I look at my peers with thousands of dollars in loans and appreciate the route I took.

If I were to have stayed in that career, I would have done very well.

Make mistakes, have failures, but learn from them and grow.